About Us

About Stand Up Paddling

S.U.P. Stand Up Paddling is the new wave sport for us all.
It’s the bicycle of the sea, yachties yoga, paddlers paradise,
an antidote to civilization, an aquatic ascension.
It’s a liquid lifestyle that’ll have you walking on water.

What makes this sport so fantastic and addicting is it’s simplicity and versatility. Whoever or wherever you are in New Zealand, grab your board and blade and just add water. Be it Queenstown’s lakes, the Waikato River, Wellington Harbour or the Hauraki Gulf. Whether you cruise with your dog onboard, race your friends on a down wind run, journey thru channels and inlets, surf waves like you never thought possible, or be the weekend warrior & tandem with the family on weekends.

Who Is Jimmy Lewis?

With a lifetime of shaping experience and international fame within the surf windsurf kitesurf and S.U.P. industry, Jimmy Lewis is the industry GURU. His windsurf boards are legendary for their world record breaking achievements year upon year with team riders, Fred Heywood, Eric Beale, Pascal Maca and others. His kiteboards have “dominated” in world competition and now his Stand Up Boards are following suit with international recognition and already a first place with his remarkable SUP Race board “The Slice” in Florida’s 2009 “Gables to The Bay” race.

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