Jimmy Lewis HP Longboard

The smallest of the JL Longboard series, the HP High Performance Longboard is aggressive and quick. The smaller 8’6 is the perfect longboard for the ladies. Incredibly forgiving with great turning ability. Center fin is 7″. 3″ sidebiters for better carving. JL Signature Construction means super light, super strong. Stringerless EPS core, Coremat wrapped rails, PVC High density foam sandwich deck and bottom, PVC foam reinforced fin boxes.

9’1 x 22 1/4 x 2 3/4
8’6 x 21 1/2 x 2 2/3

 Jimmy Lewis HP Pintail

The JL 9’8 HP Pintail is the most volume you’ll find in a quick aggressive board. This long board feels much smaller than it is, combining pin tail design, 3″ side biter fins, and an outline made to move. JL Signature Construction includes stringerless EPS core, Coremat wrapped rails, High Density PVC foam sandwich on deck and bottom, PVC foam reinforced finboxes.

HP<br>PINTAIL picture HP<br>PINTAIL picture
9’8 X 23 X 3 1/8

Jimmy Lewis Ultimate Noserider

This Moon Doggie Delight is a throwback to the true days of long boarding. Concave nose maximizes control when hanging the digits. It’s a classic work of art mixed with Jimmy’s Signature Construction (Stringer-less core, Coremat rails framing a high density PVC foam sandwich layup) and hand painted finish. Includes center fin with PVC foam reinforced fin box.

9’9 x 23 x 3.4
10’4 x 23 1/2 x 3 2/3

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