Black and Blue Machine




Introducing the Black and Blue Machine. Jimmy shaped it for his brother John, who still has that classic 60’s surfing style and rides the nose with the best of them. This is a board for the classic long boarder who has mastered cross-stepping and nose riding — a board for elite surfers who have transitioned to SUP and still long for the incomparable feel of an extended tip ride. Built with Jimmy’s Ultra Strong and Super Light “SIGNATURE” Construction. Optional concave or flat nose, 50/50 rails, classic longboard rocker, full deckpad, self-regulating air vent, and 11″ single fin.

9’6″  28 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ thick 117 liters

10’1 31″ X 4.25″ thick. 164 liters 

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