The Jimmy Lewis Flightdeck is designed to get you up and planning even before the whitecaps show up on the water! It is extremelypopular because it feels and rides like a normal twin-tip board, not like riding a barge.

The perfectly tuned rocker-line lets the board plane up quickly and rocket upwind with little effort. Foam core construction dampens out nasty chop and your knees will thank you for choosing the Flightdeck over any other board.

It’s also a great beginner board for new riders so it’s a shape that you’ll never out-grow. The difference between this board and other light wind, flat, door-type boards is like night and day –it planes up just as quickly, and is much easier to ride because there is almost no tip spray so it is way more fun!

It comes with 2″ fins and Jimmy’s famously comfortable footstraps and pads.

Size: 147 X 46

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