Model 3




The Model 3 is one of the best selling twin tip kiteboards in the history of the sport. It is the definition of all-round freeride performance perfection. Everyone who rides it falls in love instantly and you will too!

This beautiful twin-tip freeride shape offers everything a rider needs for flat water, chop, swell and it’s great in the surf. You’ll instantly feel and ride like a pro when you strap on this board because it’s so easy to ride. Moderate outline widths and tip dimensions, combined with soft rails and the famous Dominatrix concave bottom shape produce a board that is smooth as silk – no other board even comes close!

This exact shape has remained unchanged for a number of years because it’s perfect and there is simply no way to make it better. New construction techniques have allowed the board to be lighter and flex a bit more than the original models for an even smoother ride.

The Model III is available in a full range of sizes to compliment every rider’s weight, size, conditions and ability.

145 X 43

139 X 40

133 X 39

125 X 37.5

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