Introducing the Stiletto line of race SUPs. From the smallest KDR kids’ version up the 14′, there’s a size for everyone. Includes recessed deck for stability with scupper drainage holes so water doesn’t stay on the deck. Also includes JL Race Weed Fin and Gore Self-regulating air vent. Available in Red only…. because Red is the fastest color.

Stiletto KDR (kid’s race) 10’6″

The Stiletto KDR race board is designed to get your kids started off right with a board that will not hold them back. This pure-race design is fast and challenging whether your kids race, or just want to be the first across the lake. Sure, it’s an unfair advantage, but you might as well start their racing careers off right!

Width: 24″

Volume: 140 liters

Weight:  8.5 kg (18.8 lbs) with fin.

Rider Weight: Up to 130 lbs (approximate — depends on rider skill)


Stiletto-12’6 (three sizes)

For racers and recreational paddlers who want a super-fast and stable board for flat or choppy water.

Designed to be the fastest board in it’s class, the Stiletto 12’6 is built to perform and can handle just about any conditions you can throw at it. It is very stable, even for beginners, and eats up chop easily.Three sizes allow you to have the perfect board for your weight and experience level.

235: 27.5″ X 5.5″ thick. Weight: 11.7 kg with fin. For lighter weight paddlers up to 150 lbs.

265 28.5″ X 5 7/8″ thick.Weight: (to come) For medium-weight paddlers (the most popular size).

290 30″ X 6″ thick.Weight: (to come)  Extra stable. For heavier paddlers up to 250 lbs and for paddlers who need extra stability.



The Stiletto 14 is pure speed defined, and its one of the fastest boards in the 14′ class. It will keep you ahead of the pack from morning to night whether you’re racing, or just want to cruise long distances. The second you step onboard, you can tell that this is a high-performance machine, but don’t worry, it is surprisingly stable and even beginners will have no problem with balance. It handles choppy water nicely and you’ll never feel like you’re going to get dumped off.

Available in Jimmy Lewis Signature, or Carbon construction.

Width: 28″

Volume: 278 liters

Weight Signature Construction:  13.97 kg (30.8 lbs) with fin.

Weight Carbon Construction: approx 11 kg  (24.25 lbs).

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